Update: Classipress ajax post sort for Classipress 3.3

This plugin allows users to sort Ads on your site with many options (listed below). It is a great value and one that your users will appreciate! Don’t make your valued users have to navigate page by page, buy this plugin today.

Users can sort by:

– Price Highest-Lowest
– Price Lowest-Highest
– Date Modified – Newest
– Date Modified – Oldest
– Date Created – Newest
– Date Created – Oldest
– Alpha A-Z
– Alpha Z-A

Admin Control:

– Control which sort options to enable
– Change the description of each sortable option
– Turn On/Off additional sort options
– Set a default sort option for first time visits

Exclusive features in this Premium version:

– Runs about 50% faster on ALL sort types
– Customize the look and feel with new class tags and several CSS files
– Added “Most Popular”, “Least Popular” and “Sort by Author (A-Z or Z-A)”
– Sort on all pages where ads are displayed including Search, Category Page, Slug Page and Paged Ads page
– You can now have the plugin show on the Front Page under “Just Listed”
– Completely Customizable via the Plugin Admin settings
– Allow pages to have a default sort of your choice
– Fully supports Euro Currencies and decimal/comma seprators

Actual Version

Version: 5.2


– Classipress: 3.1.X, 3.2.X, 3.3
– : 3.X