Classipress Online Stats

Last weeks, we’ve been working on a simple prototype plugin for Classipress to help site owners showing some relevant classipress online stats about the site similar to what you can see on other Classifieds platforms.

The idea was simple, how can I show in a Classipress website online info like:

  • how many users are online (logged in) now in my website?
  • how many ads do my site has online (published) now?
  • Also, how many feature listings?

This information can be very relevant for Classipress site owners as well as for new users coming for first time to your website since can give an idea about how popular and active is your website.

So, with this challenge in mind, we’ve decided to develop a plugin for Classipress to show this information in your website in a very simple way, that’s using a widget. Using this widget you can easily show in your site: how many users are logged in, how many live ads there are and featured ads.

More features and online data is planned for future versions, by now we’ve included the ones we found more relevant, but any suggestion will be welcome ;)

Live Demo


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