New: Limit Featured Duration for Classipress

Limit Featured Duration for Classipress

Would you like to be able to configure your featured Ads duration to make extra money with your featured Ads? With this simple plugin you will be able to configure how many days your featured ads will remain as Featured. If you own a classipress based site, you must have noticed that featured ads remains as featured until the ads expire. After hearing our customers, we have decided to release this plugin to help you to improve your a little more your site with the ability to specify custom timescale for featured ads.

This plugin automatically checks the existing featured ads in your site to check if they are within the configured timescale. Featured ads between the defined timescale (since the Ad becomes featured + your configured duration in days ) will remain featured, but all the ads out of the defined timescale will become a normal Ad.

Plugin offers the option to configure log reception by email. This way the admin can receive a daily email with a list of the Ads who changed the status from featured to normal Ads

Limit featured duration classipress