New: Classipress Mobile PRO plugin for Classipress

IMPORTANT: customers who bought the normal version will receive update conditions by email soon.

Features extra on PRO version:

– Ability to post Ads from Mobile devices
– In allowed by the device, it’s possible to choose between take the picture or upload.
– Blog integration
– Show the Classipress logo
– Contact Form instead of use the device email client
– Backend help popups

Features inherited from normal version:

– Support custom post types
– Support custom taxonomies
– Google maps integration
– Classipress compatible Ad images
– Hierarchical category menu
– New Look and Feel. Theme completely restyled
– Custom post types RSS publication
– Featured Ads highlight
– Ready for smartphones and tablet


We are working on adding the “post an ad” functionality to the ClassiPress mobile version generated by this plugin, so such a feature it is not included in the actual release.


ClassiPress 3.1.5
ClassiPress 3.1.6
ClassiPress 3.1.7
ClassiPress 3.1.8
ClassiPress 3.1.9
Classipress 3.2.x
Classipress 3.3.X

Mobile devices: iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Palm Pre, Samsung Touch.


05/03/2013 Release 2.0
– Added: Ability to post Ads
– Added: Blog
– Added: Show logo in header
– Added: Contact form instead of direct email sending
– Improved: Plugin backend small improvements
11/05/2012 Release 1.1
– Fixed: Configure custom post type & taxonomy URL’s from clasipress settings
– Fixed: In some sites, custom fields are not correctly shown in Ad page
– Fixed: In some sites, ad detail page always say “Expired Ad”, even when is not.
– Added: Blog entries
– Added: Map privacy protection in single ad
– Improved: Geocoding system
– Fixed: Ad page didn’t show the correct custom fields
– Fixed: Conflict with ACF plugin
– Fixed: ‘Load more entries…’ was broken in WP 3.4 due to pagination changes in WP.
04/17/2012 Release 1.0.1
– Fixed: Pages added from the plugin config page doesn’t work
03/27/2012 Release 1.0
– First renamed version: WPTouch to CPMobile
– App domain changed to ‘cpmobile’
– Fixed: removed conflict with WPTouch updates
– Added: ClassiPress compatibility for 3.1.6, 3.1.7 and 3.1.8
– Fixed: some minor bugs
– Improved: no registration allowed from the mobile app
– Fixed: when comments on post not allowed, the map is not shown
10/12/2011 Release 1.9.36
– First release


1. Extract zip in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or use the WP backend option Plugins>Add new> Upload and select
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in .