UPDATE: Cute Gallery plugin for classipress minor update

Price: $8

We are proud to announce a new version of CuteGallery plugin for Classipress. This is a minor update to fix a reported bug.

Release notes:

version 1.0.1 (07/16/2012)
– Classipress 3.1.9 compatible
– Fixed: Problem with jQuery alias $ in some WP sites.

You can buy the plugin here → Go to Store

4 Comments on “UPDATE: Cute Gallery plugin for classipress minor update”

  1. Thu Sinh said at 15:20 on September 26th, 2012:

    I have purchased your CuteGallery and it works.

    However, in the single-ad-listing, my clients did not like the thumnail row to hide (large) part of the main picture, although viewer can click on it but still… it’s an issue.

    Is there any where in the script I can generate more blank space between the main picture and the Ads text and the thumbnail row willl then be pull down to NOT hide the main picture ?

    Thanks for your helps.

  2. alucas said at 20:23 on September 26th, 2012:

    Hi Steve

    We can quote this customization for you. If you are interested, please write us to sales@classipro.com


  3. Thu SInh said at 21:42 on September 26th, 2012:


    Well how much would it cost me ?

    Also once customer click on the main picture, a ORIGIN picture popup on something like thickbox with its original size. Most of customers will never crop or resize image before uploading. Can we set it up so that once they click it, only the Ad-Large (max) or custom-size will be displayed. Some picture is SO large is full the screen:( Quote me for this too.



  4. alucas said at 21:44 on September 26th, 2012:

    Hi Steve

    Please, send an email to sales@classipro.com this is not the place to discuss these details ;)


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